Even the Dutch Talking Smack Now

So let’s see, we have the guts to torture these people, shown them our power and how “strong” we are, but we are too weak to have them in our country.

TPM Reader BB, a “proud citizen of the Netherlands,” says it’s time the U.S. man up and stop NIMBYing the Gitmo detainees:

Let’s take those war criminals (of which dozens have been tried and sentenced) from the Balkan conflict as an example. Here is a group that still has lots of support (Serbs primarily) all across Europe. They are in cells in the Hague which is driving distance from their homeland. Not like some poor Afghan farmer totally divorced from his people, these people have strong support living with a few hours drive!! Almost nothing could stop them from attacking and trying to release there leaders (and heros), or at least taking revenge on the country they are incarcerated in. The REAL danger to this court pails to anything the perceived Gitmo people could possibly do.

Just look at the history of the Balkan conflict, its horrible geenocide and the people who did the killing, and then grab a map to see where the two countries lie, you will get the picture. Then do the same for the Afghan conflict … Kinda makes you giggle.

[From Even the Dutch Talking Smack Now]