Pakistani Conversations

Here’s an interesting conversation that happened in Pakistan. If the “West” is in fact corrupting Muslims, it’s the foil against which many Muslims show their true hatred of Islam by turning their back on the challenge of the Qur’an to think, to appreciate the diversity of and amongst faiths, and by saying ritual is the only marker of righteousness. ‘For how long have you been here?’ I asked. ‘A year and half, now. I’m studying economics at a university in Karachi.’ ‘So, how has Pakistan been treating you so far?’ ‘It’s nice. It’s my country,’ he proudly said. ‘Yes,’ I…

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Muslim American Statement Against Torture

Full statement and signatories at Religion Dispatches. Please sign and publicize. We believe America must not torture and it is the ultimate act of being American to hold our government responsible for actions done in our name. We believe, as Pres. Kennedy, Pres. Reagan, and Sec. Clinton, that the US can be a shining beacon on a hill. When Rev. Winthrop made that statement over 300 years ago, he said that we must hold ourselves to higher standard both because others will, and because it is right. We applaud President Obama for shining light on these shameful practices. We now…

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