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AIRLift – Buy a Graphic Novel, Save the World

I have lifted the following wholesale from Aziz P.. He says it. I wouldn’t say much different. It’s a good cause. I will feature the post until the weekend (or I remember to take it down) so it stays on top. —–Begin Verbatim Verbiage—– My friend, the writer G. Willow Wilson, is the author of the comic book series AIR which has been getting rave reviews and recognition. But AIR is more than a book, it’s also a cause! I’ll let Willow explain: Whacky as it is, AIR is a book with a message. So, for every copy of AIR…

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Muslim Americans and Facebook Survey

Forwarded as received. Hello, We need your assistance! The Communication Department at the University of California, Davis is conducting survey research on Muslim Americans social networks, interpersonal relationships, and use of the website Facebook. We will be running our survey in May and June. We are offering over $500 in prizes (either ipods, cash or gifts) in a lottery for participants. Instructions: Interested individuals should click the link and join the group. We will then notify the group members when the survey starts. (It will only take two minutes to register, and the survey will only take 20 minutes). This…

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Inter-faith Politics

Iran’s Jewish Rorschach Test

This kind of complexity, so second-nature to Iranian Jews, always eludes the outsiders looking in. Thus, the Jews of Iran — lately a bitterly contested talking point for pundits of all stripes — have become a looking glass in which all find what they wish to see. Hawks hear Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and see another Holocaust in the making. Doves cite the existence of Hebrew schools and synagogues in Iran, and see no reason for alarm. Who is right? Everyone and no one at once. Full story here via here.

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