Gaza Crisis [1/29]

This will most likely be my last major link round-up on the topic. There are individual threads of the cost of the crisis that I may develop, but with the current incursion over, the need for relatively quick, major round-ups has dissipated.

One of the things I tried to communicate through my sourcing was that the conflict is not a religious issue. I consciously choose to limit the number of Muslim sources to indicate that there was opposition to Israel’s actions that was not based in a conception of a Cosmic War. I also wanted to highlight the number of Jewish voices who were opposed the Israeli action, most notably Richard Silverstein of Tikun Olam, came to represent this important demographic. I did not preclude Muslim voices, and I did include those who spoke from a faith-based opposition to the war, but one that was not based on Jew-hating. In other words, there is a sophisticated, intelligent debate happening, but it’s just not “angry” enough to make the news.

  1. Richard points to stories that show the IDF actively engaged in slaughtering non-combatants in an intimate setting, i.e. not as collateral damage. While I hope it’s not systematic, Brian indicates it may be a deeper issue than a few lone stories. (cf. Richard)
  2. What happened in Gaza is so bad, Israel is concerned about war crimes issues.
  3. Mitchell as new Mideast Envoy. What does it mean?
  4. The Center for Constitutional Rights speaks on the issue.
  5. Olmert says he wept when he heard Palestinian children died. However, he agrees it’s better they died than Israeli soldiers.
  6. Qaddafi speaks with a silver-tongue. He knows that, for demographic reasons, a one-state solution effectively spells the death of Israel. However, he makes a really good case for it. (h/t Wajahat)
  7. Ted Swedenburg points out more celebrity protests. He also tells me Ben Affleck is related to the founder of the Ba’ath Party. OMG!
  8. Juan Cole on the fallout.
  9. Bernard Avishai give a two part analysis that has to do with love.
  10. Richard on Israeli culture wars and Arab relations.
  11. Svend does his own round-up.