Gaza Crisis [constantly being updated]

I tend not to post on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because I do not perceive it as an issue of religious conflict from the Muslim perspective, and with the sizable number of Christians there, it is easy to make this obvious.

However, the recent Gaza bombing, immediately following a blockade of food and certain medical supplies, is horrific. Haroon is covering, as is the excellent Global Voices.

Mark Lynch, Abu Aardvark, posts some possibilities  for how this may destabilize the entire region. Not a good scenario.

Brian adds more.

Apparently the strike has been in the works since before the ceasefire. (h/t MJ Rosenberg)

Ted Swedenburg has more background and on-the-ground reporting roundups.

A perspective from an Israeli and an American Jew.

Two notes from MJ Rosenberg.

Glenn Greenwald (h/t Johnpi)

Matt Yglesias.

Ezra Klein.

Mark Lynch has more. Important to note his point that Arab rejection of Hezbollah in 2006 was not “sectarian” as often portrayed, because the same groups are condemning Hamas as getting what it deserves.

[12/29] Richard lists some links to protest the Gaza attacks.

[12/29] The Dove has several posts: 1, 2, 3, 4.

[12/29] Mona Eltahawy on the cycle of violence.

[12/29] Nir Rosen on supporting Imperialism (h/t Abu Noor)

[12/29] Rami Khouri from Lebanon (h/t to the Dove)

[12/29] MJ Rosenberg has a better Democratic response.