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  1. Peace be with you. I am a Christian in the United States, and am grateful for your very accessible site.
    Is there a Q’uranic word that describes the bombers? “Jihadist” does not work, because this word, as I understand it, refers to legitimate expressions of Islam. “Terrorist” is an evocative word, but not theological.
    It might be helpful to have a word that comes from Islam’s sacred writings. This would help to isolate and condemn evil actions, and would be better than some of the terms we come up with in the West, which tend to be broad brushed over Islam, its faithful, and over Arabs.

  2. Dear Timothy, good question. There are a few words that come to mind to describe these individuals, but nothing to describe the movement. In addition, their actions are so barbaric, there is nothing comparable in the Qur’an that would applicable.

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