Eyes off the Prize

One thing I find very odd in this election is that national security is supposed to be the number one concern of the Republican Party. This is where their strength is. Since 2001 the greatest threat to the US is supposedly the invading Muslim hordes. While I may disagree with that position, I would at least hope that if the GOP sincerely believed that they would set themselves up to deal with that issue.

Sarah Palin has no understanding of the world. NO, again, NO foreign policy understanding at all. We all see the emperor has no clothes. However, I find it odd that the talking point for her is that she can see Russia from her house. The Georgia crisis aside, do we really need someone who is “experienced” with Russia? The Soviet Union collapsed almost a generation ago. The threat Russia poses now is very different than when it was Empire. If you look at GOP foreign policy, it really still obsessed about the Soviets/Russia. Condi, I am told, is a brilliant sovietologist. How does this address the invading hordes?

I really don’t understand: If you claim “a,” deal with “a,” or at least “b.” They are dealing with whole different alphabet here and taking on “aleph.”