The Modern Muslim Arab Male

This is a decent article in the NYT about Arabs, specifically Muslims, and modernity. I’m saddened that they only focused on males, because there is another half of the population. Also, it seems like the issues they are investigating would benefit with a comparison as to what is happening in the US and how we are negotiating the same issues.

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On this Blog and Politics

A reader by the name of “Concerned” comments: I’m not sure what these anti-McCain and Palin missives have to do with the stated mission of your website which is to discuss issues surrounding Muslims and Islam I think it’s a fair enough question. Part of the answer lies in the origins of this blog, which is part of the post-9/11 narrative in this country and coincided with the rise of Gulf War II rhetoric. Inevitably, the discussions on this blog focused on US foreign policy, which is inherently tied to politics. The pattern was set. Second, the US is part…

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