Born on the 11th of September

I was born on the 11th of September 2001. I was born out of hatred and anger and fear. I was born out of sorrow and grief and heartache.

I am the son of my father. I am hateful and angry and fearful. I am sorrowful and grief-stricken and full of heartache. I am also the Phoenix born of the ashes he wrought. I am light and joy and happiness and hope.

OBL created me when he killed 3000 people on 9/11. I was first born with the Towers. When they fell, I was reborn. I was a Muslim and an American. Terrorists were these freaks on the margins of Islam. After 9/11 I am Muslim-American, and the terrorists had taken the bullhorn and spoke for all Muslims. I was angry at them. They had attacked my home. They attacked Muslims. They attacked Islam.

I am reborn to fight OBL. To take that voice for Muslims back from the fringe. I am not alone. OBL has called Muslims back to Islam, and we have found he is not of us. His voice is not our voice. Our voice is not even one, but we agree, he is not of us.

In this six years since he gave us birth, we have fought him, but now, as Americans, we have found that he is winning. We may be slowly taking back our Islam, but our America is being lost. OBL wished to destroy the foundations of America, and the Republicans agree the best way to stop another terrorist attack is to appease them. OBL wants the Bill of Rights gone, the Republicans appease him. OBL believes Muslims are under siege across the world, the Republicans make it so. OBL thinks Muslims are harassed in the US, the Republicans make it real. One year later, and the Democrats are in no rush to challenge OBL.

Six years I am a soldier against OBL, the true Crusader Against Islam. Now it’s time to “make America again.” This is the two-front war we need to be fighting now.

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