Tech News

Just some interesting things related to the tech world I found floating around. Open Library (via David) – “What if there was a library which held every book? Not every book on sale, or every important book, or even every book in English, but simply every book—a key part of our planet’s cultural legacy.” Ethan on why cats should be censored – Not really. I believe they should, but that’s not his point. His point is that for every technology that allows us to do cat-blogging we are creating a new vehicle for samizdat. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t use that word.…

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Brother Ali

Read an article about a new rapper Brother Ali. Tunes sounded slick, but his name caught my attention. Was he Muslim? Was he Muslim-chic (yes, it exists in hip-hop and in dress)? Did some b/g, and he is Muslim. Tunes are slick. Technorati Tags: Islam in the US, hip-hop

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Books Inter-faith

Rabbi Issa

The Revealer takes down the latest politicization of the Prophet Jesus. Money quote: “Levenick’s review isn’t just boldly ignorant, it’s an example of the secularization of new evangelicalism, that strain of Protestant Christianity that insists Christ was both revolutionary and conservative.” Moses was an Egyptian. Jesus was a Jew. Swarthy people everywhere. Deal with it.

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Current Affairs Legal

Guantanamo Lawyer Harassed

Allegedly. Details here. A question for lawyers in general. Assume a lawyer wasn’t coming from Gitmo on a military plane, where he is clearly a target for investigation. If a lawyer were coming to the US from Canada and had client files, is the Customs Dept. violating confidentiality by going through those files? What if I, as a teacher, had student files on me that are meant to be confidential (strictly entering the US)? Technorati Tags: Guantanamo, war on terror[ism][ists]

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