Mahound Vicious

Moslems do punk! They listen to music. They are human. They participate in American culture. It’s true. I saw it here.

In case you don’t catch it, the part I hate the most, in an otherwise decent article, is:

Admittedly, these Muslim punks aren’t especially devout, at least in the tradition-al sense. None goes to Friday prayers regularly, but they all say they’re deeply spiritual. To them, Islam begins and ends with one’s personal relationship with God. After a recent show at a Manhattan bar, Waqar felt the urge to pray. “I went into the men’s room, got down on the nasty floor and started praying,” he recalls. Nothing says Muslim punk rock more than searching for Allah on the floor of a nightclub bathroom.

Explain to me why these guys aren’t devout? Because they don’t do what you expect them to? Praxis does not devotion make. “There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” so sayeth Rumi. The guy is in a bathroom praying, is this not devotion? How many orthoprax muftis would say to make salah in a bathroom is haram?

Kominas cool.

(via Hawg Blawg)

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