Milad an-Nabi

The birthday of Prophet Muhammad, our most blessed role model. From Nasir Khusraw:

Of Muhammad

I chose the Qur’an

and the faith of Muhammad,

for that is the choice

that was made by Muhammad.

I’m certain by faithfully

following these,

my certitude will

be like that of Muhammad.

My key for the heavens,

my guide to delight,

my fortified castle:

the faith of Muhammad!

Muhammad is sent as

God’s prophet to us:

thus is the imprint

of the seal of Muhammad.

The faith, the Qur’an

they are fixed in my heart

just as they were fixed

in the heart of Muhammad.

My hope is to be

by the grace of the Lord

the lowliest one

in the folk of Muhammad.

In the ocean of faith

you see, the Qur’an

is the most precious pearl

in the hand of Muhammad.

As every king

has a treasure concealed,

thus is the Qur’an:

treasure trove of Muhammad!

Now look at the jewel

that sits on this treasure!

Whom do you consider

the trustee of Muhammad?

His followers find

yonder jewel of faith

from nobody else

but the sons of Muhammad.

Muhammad entrusted

his treasure and goods

to one person, worthy

and close to Muhammad.

Who was such a close

friend? He whose dear wife

was none but the darling

black-eyed, of Muhammad.

From this darling child

and that cousin appeared

Hasan and Husayn,

letters close to Muhammad.

I know certainly this:

Hasan and Husayn

are jasmine and rose

in both worlds, of Muhammad.

Where could such a rose

and such a jasmine appear

in both worlds but out

of the soil of Muhammad!

I don’t dare select

any one among men

above these two sons,

lovely sons of Muhammad;

I don’t dare select

anyone above them

I would be ashamed

of the frown of Muhammad!

The sword of pure Haydar,

the mighty Qur’an

are cornerstones of

the strong faith of Muhammad,

for he stood as master

and with Dhu’l-fiqar

in every fight

to the right of Muhammad.

Since Ali’s sword helped

the mighty Qur’an;

Ali was the helper,

no doubt, for Muhammad.

As Aaron to Moses,

so was Ali in rank

A partner in faith

and close to Muhammad.

On Doomsday both Moses

and Aaron will kiss

the mantle of Ali,

the hem of Muhammad.

Muhammad’s religion

resembled a thicket:

The lion: Ali,

in the woods of Muhammad.

Muhammad said: ‘Go,

and seek wisdom in China!’

I went to that China,

the land of Muhammad.

I heard from the heir

of the Prophet such words

which were like the honey,

so sweet, of Muhammad!

Nasir Khusraw

from Make a Shield from Wisdom

translated by Annemarie Schimmel

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One thought on “Milad an-Nabi

  1. Nabi must mean prophet; another cognate for me to file away.
    Not sure what blessing is appropriate to offer you on the birthday of the prophet (pbuh), but I hope your day is sweet.

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