Navroz Mubarak – نوروز مبارك

Happy New Year to everyone. May the year bring you much joy and happiness.

The springtime of a friend of Ali is always full of the efflorescence of Ali.

None deserves eminence and praise among the people except he who befriends Ali.

The heart of every Shi’i is protected from Satan in the fortress of Ali.

As Ali is from the Prophet’s family, the true Shi’i belongs to the family of Ali.

A hundred years of praise is not equal to even one in a thousand praises of Ali.

Courage, knowledge, abstinence, generosity: these are the qualities I revere in Ali.

Therefore, my back is bent with gratitude under the weight of the favours of Ali.

My under and outer garments are faith and knowledge, just as they were for Ali.

If you want to understand his status, reflect upon the role and the deeds of Ali:

he was a lion, the battlefield his meadow, and Gabriel was the spearman of Ali.

Ali’s cave is of knowledge, not stone, for stone does not befit the glory of Ali.

The clouds of ta’wil do not shed their droplets except on the trees and the seed-fields of Ali.

Ali had no desire for gold or silver; faith and knowledge were the choice of Ali.

There was not fault in him nor blemish in the tongue, hands and garments of Ali.

Husayn and Hasan, the Prophet’s reminders, were none other than the reminders of Ali.

Truly no one can be saved from the fire unless he comes under the protection of Ali.

Nasir Khusraw

from The Shimmering Light: An Anthology of Isma’ili Poems

translated by Faquir Muhammad Hunzai.

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