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Muslims and the Cross

via one of my favorite Texans, I saw this on Street Prophets. A. This is a huge violation of church and state in my opinion. Public schools should not be holding services in any religious space. Period. B. The kid is a moron. It’s not about him being Muslim. Let’s not get stupid with him. To the best of my knowledge there is no legal tradition that prevents Muslims from entering house of worship of other faiths. There are reservations (and prohibitions) about joint worship, but not actually entering the space. The closest I’ve heard about this religious image issue…

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Within 24 hours I read two different blog posting, that taken together basically say we should do more profiling at the airports because it’s pointless. OMFG, is anybody running the US government literate? Technorati Tags: profiling, war on terror[ism/ists]

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Anti-War March – Press Release

Blog Advisory FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Katie Barge 202-481-8147 / 202-243-8289 FRIDAY MARCH 16 3,500 Christian Leaders from 48 States to Protest War at National Cathedral, Mass Arrests Expected at White House (Washington, DC) – Christian Peace Witness for Iraq will begin with a worship service on Friday, March 16 at Washington National Cathedral to be attended by more than 3,500 people of faith from 48 states, followed by a candlelight procession through the center of our nation’s capital, where thousands will surround the White House bearing the light of peace, and 700 will risk arrest by remaining in…

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