Prayer Request: Velveteen Rabbi

Our dear friend, virtual and real-world, Rachel Barenblatt (Velveteen Rabbi) had a stroke. Please send prayers/good thoughts her way.

Our thoughts and prayers for a safe, speedy recovery with many, many more happy and healthy years of blogging.

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  2. I need prayer that God will move on my behalf and my son Allister restoring to us the years and the income and the things that has been stolen from us through our government and our leaders assisting the NAACP in helping blacks who have claimed over the years that they have been the victim of racial conflict. I need my homes restored my employment my freedom my peace I don’t want to be involve in this unfair dangerous situation that have deprive me and my son our lives and income. I ask God to uncover the corruption and those who were behind stealing and making false allegations against innocent people. Bring justice and restore our lives back . I need money to care for my needs personal medication, food, new clothes and new shoes, and a place to live and light and a car they the government have did a very good job of keeping me from using my ID my SSN I want that restored back and I want this government to be uncover from the ones who were in positions to oppress the poor at their expense. I need God protection and to bring those who are responsible for my mom Effriee Hayes death. Keep those men far away from me who mean me no good., I need to be able to live my life too like every american citizens and the mob and this government have no right to enslave me in a situation I have nothing to do with only because they would like to use me for drug and saling my bodies and then setting me up to be arrested Lord Help and keep those who use race to cover up what they are really doing Loose angles to fight and destroy the work of the devil and free all God people people are afraid to stand up for their rights I ask God to come to my aid because they have set me up into a one dead end situation that there is no way out but God can make a way out I call on God to make a way out of this mob government set up situation. Holy Ghost I look to you to where my help comes from and provide all of our needs because there is no one who have plan this not the NAACP nor the EEOC nor congress nor anyone else not even the churches have provided for us they tell us to call upon you Lord so since there is no one supernatually meet our need don’t let us have to ask none because they don’t care Lord. Help Lord and if a Rabbi will pray for our freedom and rights to be restored then please do so and for all what was stolen like our homes, income, employment privacy and health we need you God now to move and loose the protection from heaven my health and my heart Lord is being effected by this and what these corrupt doctors has done against me medically help Lord.

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