I’m back (if anyone cares)

This is islamoyankee here. Sorry for the long absence, and many thanks to my co-conspirators for making sure the blog did not lie fallow.

My wife and I spawned two months ago, and the little one has been a real pleasure, but lots more work than we expected. For those of you keeping track, this is in fact the second issue in an as many years – yes, with the same wife. We’re just following the memo we got on breeding ourselves to the majority in the world (the we could be Moslems, dark-skinned people, professionals, or whatever else your fear may be).

In any event, I hope to be back to a semi-regular schedule by the end of January. Happy New Year.

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2 thoughts on “I’m back (if anyone cares)

  1. I care, dammit! That and I’m tired of y bloglines having misc “delicious” links being my sole Islamicate updates (sigh….) Get your butt in gear and back to blogging!

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