MacQibla Sale

Software for your Mac: 50% sale today only. See here.

“If you do business in the Islamic world, or belong to the Islamic faith, MacQibla is the perfect time and calendar tool… supporting both the Islamic and Western calendars.

Version 3.0 has been completely rewritten from scratch to take full advantage of OS X. New to MacQibla 3.0 are sheets which give instant access to any city via popup menus in each city box.”

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4 thoughts on “MacQibla Sale

  1. marc, i was always taught:
    masha’allah, a computer
    phuckin’ computer.
    Muslim Apple, I debated for a good long while to get this. I don’t travel enough anymore to make it worthwhile, but it is a nice piece of programming. But definitely check out the MacZOT site, I’ve gotten some good deals from there.

  2. I have been using MacQibla for many years now (even the OS9 version) and recommend it highly. Mine plays the Yusuf Islam version of the adhan at prayer time 🙂

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