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I have finally caved and joined both Flickr and You can find my information on the left hand navigation bar. As you’ve noticed by now, I’ve been posting (other people’s) photos, and I’ll probably make that an ongoing thing. There are some great pix in the Muslim Cultures group.

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3 thoughts on “Flickr and

  1. Flickr is great, and worth the $25/yr for unlimited storage! Nice shots of Turkey. Inshallah, I may have the opportunity to go to Antalya and Istanbul in the fall. Will be back in Delhi in three weeks — and looking forward to another fantastic meal at the Village Bistro.

  2. Thanks Tony. I’ve subscribed to your stream and added you as a contact. Love the Egypt photos. Will definitely be spending some time there. Where is Civil Comment?

  3. Ah, Civil Comment. It went into retirement. I hear it was something about the Mrs. complaining that blogging took too much time. I’m hopeful the site will be revived sometime in the future.

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