Acting in the Theater of the Absurd

So, there’s a Danish cartoon controversy. This is stupidity (the cartoons). The violent reactions are idiocy. Ahmadinejad’s call for Holocaust denial cartoons moves the issue into the realm of the absurd. How do you deal with the absurd? Get a part and act along.

via Progressive Islam, I see there is now an Israeli Anti-Semetic Cartoon Contest.

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2 thoughts on “Acting in the Theater of the Absurd

  1. Maybe someone should mention to Mr Ahmadinejad that the Danish are Danes and not Jewish. They are quite unlikley to be offended but some cartoons about the holocaust.

  2. I was horrified when the Iranian newspaper first announced the contest. Although I admit that I thought they were trying to make an interesting point by “testing the limits of Western freedom of expression.” (Hence, re: Marc’s comment, the Iranians aren’t trying to offend the Danes, but trying to mock “the West”).
    The NY Times had a good piece yesterday on the Iranian cartoons. It turns out that they have little to do with the Holocaust itself, and are actually more about the politics surrounding Israel. Nevertheless, the title of the exhibition says Holocaust cartoons, and it’s extremely unfortunate and frustrating that many Muslims cannot be critical of Israel without having to deny the Holocaust as well.

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