Writing on Israel and Palestine, and now Lebanon

Traditionally I have not commented on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. As you can tell by Who You?’s and Ghost Dog‘s posts, it’s not a site-wide reluctance. My reluctance has stemmed from the belief that the issue is too emotionally charged to have a meaningful conversation on the issue without having to spend a lot of time cleaning the mud off and fighting the fires from flames. I am not personally invested in the issue; to me, as I would argue to most Muslims, the fight is not between Muslims and Jews. It is between Israelis and Palestinians. I am invested in the issue as much as I am in issue of social justice; this is part of the faith. However, recognizing social injustice does not mean placing blame on only one party, but recognizing that injustice can be carried out by all parties.

So I have not written about Israel and Palestine. There will always be an assumption that as a Muslim, no matter what I say, it will always favor the Palestinians. The logic being that since Palestinians are Muslim, there is a herd mentality that forces us all to cheer each other on. Of course, the Palestinian people are also Christian, as witnessed by Hanan Ashrawi and Edward Said, two of the most well-known interlocutors of the Palestinian people. In addition, to suggest that Muslims have a herd mentality is part of the larger demonizing mentality against Muslims.

Qana changed my mind. The loss of human life, on both sides, came to me to in such a visceral way that I cannot explain. People like the Dove feel this in a way I do not. I cannot and will not claim to have that attachment to any of the lands at play. I have a strong religious affiliation with Jerusalem. I felt at a loss for words and a way when the images came forth.

I was speaking to the Xpatriated Texan about the situation. I told him that we had a generation who remembered that people of different faiths used to live together. That generation is now dying, so we have a generation that knows nothing but hate for each other and conflict with one another. Not everyone is willing to look for a lemon tree. But we need to avoid transmitting hate to a new generation.

My tag book for the coming week, as I reflect on war, and the role of religion – the conflict is not between religions, but I believe that religion can offer a way forward – will be the following:

Jerusalem Sky: Stars, Crosses and Crescents

Please read this book. Please give this book. Please don’t spread the hate.

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One thought on “Writing on Israel and Palestine, and now Lebanon

  1. You know, I’ve started cringing internally when I see posts that headline Israel or Palestine or Lebanon in my aggregator — it’s as though I have overdosed on encountering the suffering and the fury on all sides, and it takes very little to depress me beyond all reason.
    But your post reminds me that there is another way to respond to the conflict, and to the tragedy. So thank you. I don’t know “Jerusalem Sky,” but will certainly seek it out…

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