Conspiracy Theories

As I’m writing this, I see someone else had a similar idea.

So I’m watching CNN yesterday, Aug. 10, and I hear Christiane Amanpour say that many young Muslims in the West believe that 9/11, 7/7, and now the new attacks on planes were plots by Western governments in order to start a war with Islam.

O Muslims in the West, are you stupid?


1. The West has the wherewithal to plot such destructive events against their own people, including American and British Muslims, and the ability to keep it secret, but not so secret that we can’t figure it out. That means we are stupid for not stopping it. It also means we are stupid for not saving the lives of our brothers and sisters who died. The basic premise to this argument is that Muslims are too stupid to have carried out anything of this scale. Therefore, we are stupid.


2. Muslims did do all these things. We are too stupid to recognize we did it. We are too stupid to recognize the value of human life. We are too stupid to recognize that the sanctity of human life is mentioned in all the scriptures of the Abrahamic traditions (see 5:32). We are too stupid to confront it head on.

So, for those of you who believe in either of these options, please line up for the slaughter, like Moo-slims. If you wish to die, please do so like sheep, don’t harm anyone else in the process. You are either joining the ihrabists, or enabling them with your denials.

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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. Amen Brother! Heard too many Muslims on NPR today who were squirming too come up with somekind of justification for the actions of these death mongers. This is a Muslim problem and will only be solved by Muslims. Since we are not able or do not want to takle this issue, then I guess George, Tony, Don, and Condi will have to do it. We have to ask ourselves what kind of society do we want to create? What kind of communities do we want to sustain? What role do we give to the intellect in addressing contemporary issues? How do we see ourselves in relation to others?
    We kill each other (Muslim vs. Muslim) without batting an eyelid. Why do we expect more from others. We are slaughtering each other in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sudan. We have so many things to worry about rather than Bush calling us fascists. What an insult to fascists. At least they dressed better.
    Colbert! I’m a comin’ for you.

  2. Salaam,
    While I must agree that as Muslims we must reconcile the concept that Muslims do commit atrocities and that the problem has become systematic, as Americans we must be weary of the political subversion that may or may not be taking place in this country. A recent Ohio University poll showed that one-third of Americans believed that the US had prior knowledge of 9/11 and/or was involved, but did not take aggressive preventative action because of the prospect of a war in the Muslim world. The obscenity of the salivation and anticipation of the neo-conservatives at the prospect of an expanded war, as showcased this past month, cannot go without rebuke. While the cards may be stacked against us, we cannot but continue to fight on both fronts, both against subversion of American political goals for counter-productive, anti-Muslim Mid-East policy and against co-option of Muslim political will-power for the forces of cyclical violence and the continued hierarchy of soft power.
    “By your deeds, and not your words, shall you be known”

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