Islamic Architecture

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As an architect who is also a regular at conferences and symposiums, I usually have someone ask me if I do ‘Islamic architecture“. While I understand what they mean, I do not understand the term ”Islamic architecture“. Here are some interesting discussions which took place on ArchNet regarding ”Islamic architecture“

What is Islamic architecture?

Why do we say ”Islamic“ architecture?

Why Islamic architecture?

”Islamic“ architecture

Yesterday while browsing the Internet, as I am apt to do when sleep is elusive, I came across an article that articulates the problems and dangers posed by the collapsing of pluralities into a singular identity. The article entitled, ”What Clash of Civilizations“ was written by Amartya Sen, Lamont University Professor at Harvard University and the winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics. The article is featured online at

The article, while not addressing the question of Islamic architecture, does tackle the idea of the considering the world in groupings based strictly on religious identities. It does, I believe have great bearing on this topic which can be expanded to other disciplines.

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3 thoughts on “Islamic Architecture

  1. Did you guys move shop to TypePad?
    I certainly buy the argument in the Amartya Sen article (I’m reading his “The Argumentative Indian” now). One sees it so clearly in many new converts to Salafism. Pluralities are obliterated in favor of one identity: “The Muslim.” It’s so patently a pretense, I often wonder how they’re able to maintain it.

  2. Tony, we have always been on Typepad. Islamoyankee just changed the look. I prefere the older version. I think this color scheme is called ‘Punjabi Chic” and is too busy for me.
    I enjoyed the Sen article and have been sharing it with others.

  3. A supposed monolithic view of cultures leads to the destruction of cultures. If everyone (and by extension every culture) was the same then life would be so boring.

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