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‘Tis the holiday season and one Eid is past, and another approaches. One of the things that happens around this time of year is that Muslim parents are asked to speak about Islam and (pick one: Jesus, Christmas, Eid, holidays, etc.), and/or recommend some books for various elementary levels. This year, since I have my own munchkin, I’ve been storming through books. Below are some of my favorites of Islamicate kids books (because they are not all about the religion of Islam, but about Muslims and Muslim societies). I have to say, one of the disappointing things about reading these books is that some of the worst books were written by Muslims (and are not included) because they insisted on creating a normative understanding of Islam based on their personal beliefs or cultural understandings of faith. Some of the books below do preach a some sort of orthopraxy, especially if authored by a Muslim, but their good outweighs their bad. I’ve tried to create rough categories, so there are multiple listings of the same book. As always, feel free to add in comments.

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About Kids

The Day of Ahmed’s Secret

Alia’s Mission

The Librarian of Basra

My Name was Hussein

The House of Wisdom

The Most Magnificent Mosque

Muslim Child

About Islam

Ayat Jamilah

The Three Muslim Festivals


The Islamic Year


What You Will See Inside a Mosque

Eyewitness Books: Islam


About Inter-faith

For Every Child a Better World

A Faith Like Mine

The Most Magnificent Mosque


About Stories

The Island of Animals

Mansa Musa

Traveling Man

The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time

The Animals of Paradise

The Hungry Coat

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