Blog Day 2005

Thanks to Rachel over at Velveteen Rabbi, I was made aware of Blog Day 2005. (BTW, Rachel, thanks for the constant care and feeding of this blog.) Rachel, Demi, and Jake were some of the first non-Muslim blogs I added to my aggregator (NetNewsWire Lite), and got me to start up – the desperately needing to be updated – ahl al-kitāb list on the sidebar. This blog has become more political than I’d initially imagined, but I suppose most of what I’ve been doing has revolved around the politicization of Islam. As a result, some of my picks for new blogs are politically oriented, and I don’t agree with all of them all the time, but they are all thought-provoking. Let the listing begin:

Civil Comment – A new blog by a friend of this blog. A sharp analysis of “technology, the law, the news, and everything else.”

BlackFive – Currently the only military blog I read. His series on soldiers, “Someone you should know,” is always a good read.

Terrorism Unveiled – A good political overview, slightly more conservative than us, about events in the Arab Middle East and about Islamist movements. The nice thing is that she actually has both an academic background, and real life experience in the region, she’s not just blowing smoke.

Planet Granada – Brother writes one of my favorite blogs. He really gets into questions of race and religion.

Anulios – He writes about inter-faith issues the way I wish I did – as an accepted reality, not as a something that has to proven, or as something historical.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Day 2005

  1. Thanks for the link, and for the kind words! 🙂 The more readers we share, the better off we are — not only because it’s nice to be read, but because my hope for the future expands every time Jews and Muslims connect with each other…

  2. Jazakullah khair and thanks for the plug! Now the pressure is on to keep this adventure going (my wife willing). I also want to say thanks for giving me the space to discuss thoughts about a religion that I found (or found me) some 22 years ago. When I pray, and mean it, it really *is* transcendent — corny as that is. Not rules, not an obsession with “correctness” but simply the primordial search of humankind.

  3. One more thing having gone through your list — I’m honored to be counted in such thoughtful company!

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