Faith [updated]

Please answer the questions yourself, here, at American Street, or on your own blog.

From American Street:

  1. Are you a religioius/ spiritual person?
  2. Were you born into your faith or did you come to it later?
  3. Was there a particular event in your life that changed your religious/ spiritual philososphy?
  4. Do you share your faith with others?

1. I am deeply religious. I would like to think that also means I am spiritual, but I know the two are not linked causally. Nor does saying something necessarily make it true. There is deity but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God, and Ali, the commander of the faithful, is the friend of God. My credo. Packed in those phrases is the core of my being for religiosity. Packed in those phrases are example for leading the good life. Pack in those phrases are things upon which to reflect. Packed in those phrases is the knowledge that one cannot know.

2. I was born into my faith tradition. I came into my faith.

3. Every event should be causing me to change my religious philosophy. The borders are set, and can move by consensus, but my relationship with the Divine is mine. My life shapes that relationship. Sometimes I’m more esoterically inclined; other times, more exoterically so. If God can’t be comprehended, why should I be able to establish a static relationship?

4. Always and gladly when asked with the intent to learn and to educate. I do not push my faith on others, nor do I encourage others to adopt it.

From Faith Gambler:

5. What are your experiences with your religion?

6. Have you found God, How have you found him?

7. Has God found you, how did he find you?

5. That’s a life story, and then some. This blog is an attempt to record my changing and dynamic experiences with religion. However, I am firmly in the ineffable camp: there are things that cannot be said.

6. and 7. Je ne comprende pas. I admit God exists. I admit that I am one of God’s creation. Isn’t everything else an attempt to see the face of God? whilst avoid the fate of the mountain?

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2 thoughts on “Faith [updated]

  1. Thanks for writing about this… I have wanted to ask you a few other questions, these are very interesting. I have always had a love for your writing.
    I wanted to ask you 3 questions which I very much enjoy hearing all sorts of people share their heart on…
    ~What are your experiences with your religion?
    ~Have you found God, How have you found him?
    ~Has God found you, how did he find you?

  2. Thanks Reid. Like your site as well. I’ll move your three questions to the main body and try to answer them there.

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