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Please answer the questions yourself, here, at American Street, or on your own blog. From American Street: Are you a religioius/ spiritual person? Were you born into your faith or did you come to it later? Was there a particular event in your life that changed your religious/ spiritual philososphy? Do you share your faith with others? 1. I am deeply religious. I would like to think that also means I am spiritual, but I know the two are not linked causally. Nor does saying something necessarily make it true. There is deity but God, Muhammad is the messenger of…

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Muslims and the Book (of the comic and graphic variety)

Oh so many moons ago, I read a post on Dove’s Eye View on a new series of comic books coming out Egypt. There are more details on her site, but the salient point is that the author/illustrator has Muslims fighting for the City of All Faiths; religious harmony is still an aspiration in the Arab Middle East. He grew up reading DC comics, and my personal take is that Marvel was always better at allegory and moral ambiguity (see, for example, these descriptions of the X-Men graphic novel, “God Love, Man Kills”), and DC better at black/white, right/wrong stories.…

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