Go pray with your sisters in NYC

Yes, Alhamdulilah – today is a historic day for Muslims in America and the world.  If you are in NYC today – you may want to attend a Jummah service led by Dr. Amina Wadud.  Yes a sister!  She will be leading prayers and men and women will be side by side.  Congratulations on such a bold stand.  May Allah offer the organizer and attendees courage and protection.

4 thoughts on “Go pray with your sisters in NYC

  1. Well I’m writing this at 2:32 pm EST. Inshallah,there was no violence and the juma’ proceeded on time. As I look outside my window, seems like the planet is still here and it’s a rather nice day for me (I’m ready for Spring and my tulips to bloom). Other than that, it’s hard to tell what has changed.

  2. By now, you ‘ve read the coverage of the event. I find particularly scandalous Yvonne Haddad’s comments. Yvonne should know that my goal is an American Islam that is pluralistic and recognizes an equal role for women. I couldn’t care less what the Arab countries think of that. Furthermore, the US government hasn’t delegitimized Muslim leadership in this country. I contend that this alleged leadership is self-appointed and utterly unrepresentative of American Muslim opinion. They are illegitimate.

  3. Yes, I too found Haddad’s comments interesting. But I actually think she may be right in her observations about American Muslims vis-a-vis the rest of the Muslim World, as much I actually do have high hopes in the American Muslim community. Regarding the phrase “American Islam,” (which I’m sure I have myself used often) someone recently commented on an MWY post: “How can we ask non-Muslims to use correct terminology when Muslims go around using wrong terminology?” I believe there’s some merit to the question.
    Yeah, jumu’ah today was pretty cool. Except that throughout the khutbah I keep thinking of someone random on the Internet who called it a ‘publicity stunt.’ There were more video cameras than musallees!

  4. Amina Wadud…. yeah like when ur walking along and there is this bug that keeps buzzing round your face… very annoying yet very insignificant…

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