A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hey folks. Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. After my Thanksgiving message, my computer suffered a thermonuclear meltdown. Being a Mac, the problem as an unavoidable hardware failure. Fortunately, being a Mac, it was easy, although time-consuming, to recover my data. Said data also included all of my friend’s wedding pictures (I was photo dump during his wedding), as well as two chapters of my dissertation that were due. I managed to recover everything but the two most recent drafts of the dissertation. This situation lead to increased pressure on deadlines, then came finals and grading. During the holiday had had medical news in the family which also took time, as well as a move from Cambridge to NY, with hundreds of books (not pounds, just books). Harvard, of course, has more exams after your holiday, so I’m just entering a new term and beginning to dig out of utter chaos.

I also lost a chunk of islamicate mail, so I apologize if you’ve been waiting for a response on anything and haven’t gotten one. Please re-send and I’ll got on it ASAP.

Thanks to GhostDog for picking up the slack and Who You? for keeping us theologically oriented instead of all politics all the time.

I’ll be playing catch up with stories for the next few days, so it will be link heavy. Then commentary comes back with a vengeance.

8 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. Welcome back. I hope that he family medical issues are resolved and the person is on the road to recovery.
    May your new home be a place of peace, joy and learning.

  2. Thank you for the good wishes. Multiple family issues, not all bad. Much good news as well. Although, I must say, I’m beginning to think Muslims should stop breeding, it’s all too much.

  3. Well congratulations if the family issue related to breeding means somebody you know had a child. Hope all is well otherwise.
    Can you change your template so that dates post on the main page? I don’t see any date or time stamp until I click on comments. I’ve been dropping in occasionally and it’s difficult to figure out the date of posts.
    Or was this a ruse to keep us in the dark about how long you’ve been gone?
    We’ve missed you, welcome back.

  4. Laila, thanks for your good wishes. As a Muslim, I am crafty, untrustworthy, and generally evil, at least according to popular perception. I could have sworn these stereotypes were already assigned to another religious group. 🙂
    Seriously, we used to have the date line at the bottom, but the material just took too much space. Our compromise was to have the calendar on the top-left which keeps track of recent posts. However, if it does prove to be an issue, drop me a line and I’ll work something out on the template.

  5. I guess absence is relative. 🙂 My apologies for disappearing. Lets see how much catchup I can do at home sick today.

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