3 thoughts on “I wonder if she’s married?

  1. Thanks for posting that, bro. I can’t agree more, too. I had a very good friend who was a Pakistani Christian in the town I grew up in, and I remember him telling me some of the horrors he and his family had to live through just for being Christian. If we Muslims in thw West find it so easy to bemoan the religious intolerance we face in non-Muslim countries, then this also necessitates that we condemn just as strongly the same treatment by those who share our religion. 4 sure, 4 sure.
    Thanks again, I’ll pass this one along.

  2. Islamoyankee: Why don’t you ask the lady? 😉
    –ever the matchmaker,
    Demi 🙂
    (You want me to ask her for you?)

  3. Bro, thanks for the heads-up on the article. I am sure there are a lot of other Muslims who feel the same way too. Islam is simple. I am just amazed at how some Muslims feel that it is okay to harm others in the name of Islam when Islam has nothing to do with their callous acts.
    I will also pass the article along.

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