3 thoughts on “Boykin again

  1. In high school (North Carolina, circa 1977) a teacher tried to tell us that Muslims worship a different God from Christians, because they call their God Allah.
    I raised my hand and said “I’m an Arab Christian. My relatives are all Catholics. They call God Allah. Allah means God in Arabic.”
    She was extremely offended, told me I was wrong, and shut me up for the rest of class. I was only 15, too scared to argue further. I did go home to tell my Dad, who called the principal.
    Oddly enough, the teacher was a Greek-American who attended a local Orthodox church which my Lebanese relatives used to visit once they immigrated. Our Lebanese church is this funny Orthodox-Catholic blend. So maybe some of my aunties prayed next to this lady at some point. Even though Allah is the name of our God in Arabic.

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