A rabs and Moslems

Our favorite beduouina has posted her life story.

As many numbers as I throw at you about most Muslims are not Arab, nor are all Arabs Muslim (say hello to Edward Said, Hanan Ashrawi, and Tariq Aziz, to name a few), her own background gives a much sense of that reality.

Just for the record, and for those of you who care about numbers:

6.3 billion people in the world (source)
1.3 billion Muslims in the world (no cited source, just the number that’s being bandied about right now)
300 million Arabs (source [projected from source]) ~5% of the world, ~22% of the Muslim population
Countries with the highest numbers of Muslims: (source)
Indonesia 180 million
Pakistan 120 million
India 120 million
Bangladesh 120 million
Turkey 56 million