The new Mecca

Education, and the resultant intellectual engagement with the world around us, is one of the tenets of faith in the Islamic tradition. By turning our back on our intellect, we are turning our back on the trust (amânâ) that God has given us; by turning our back on understanding God’s creation, we are turning our back to God; by claiming we can know God, we deny God. What role does America play in keeping the Islamic tradition alive?

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Current Affairs

Project Syndicate

Just came across this website entitled Project Syndicate. It is an international association of quality newspapers devoted to: 1. Bringing distinguished voices from across the world to local audiences everywhere; 2. Strengthening the independence of printed media in transition; and, 3. Developing countries as well as upgrading their journalistic, editorial, and business capacities. As part of their coverage, Project Syndicate has a section on Islam, which is really quite good and may be of interest to islamicate readership. Here is the introduction by the featured contributor, Mai Yamani. “Whether because of the perceived defeats inflicted upon Muslims by the outside…

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