Apikorsus says we’re only occasionally about theology; she’s right. The funny thing is, when I got the group together it was because I felt the religion of Islam had gotten short-shrift in media coverage and I wanted to talk about the theology of Islam as I understood; it’s what my background is in at the master’s level. Events have clearly moved us into a need to be much more responsive than long, meandering posts on theology would allow us to be, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a few cooking. There is a theological issue we’d like people’s help…

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in man He trusts

1. God creates and sustains all of creation at all times 2. Intellect makes Man unique and exhalted from amongst creation (2:30-34) 3. With the great power of this intellect, comes great responsibility (spider man fans should recognize this mantra) 4. This responsibility is a sacred moral trust (amaana) 5. To the extent we have any power over any other person, or any part of creation, it is within the confines of this amaana. 6. Therefore, by not seizing on every opportunity to do good, you are abusing God. (I borrowed this line from someone else, but I like it…

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