Bloggercon anyone?

Bloggercon happened this weekend. According to Joho, islamicate was mentioned. I’ve been looking for coverage, but it seems people are still too busy. Anybody there who can let us know gave us a shout-out and what the context was?

One thought on “Bloggercon anyone?

  1. If you got a spike in traffic yesterday afternoon, it was the Religion session at BloggerCon. The setup was pretty neat — a big screen at the front of the classroom where the session moderator could pull up sites which got referenced in conversation — and when I mentioned you, Islamicate popped onto the screen. I expect a bunch of people nabbed the url themselves (many folks had laptops and were using the wifi), and I saw a link to your site in Dave Weinberger’s blog afterwards:
    I hope to blog my notes from the religion panel later this week — will keep you posted. 🙂

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