Friedman v. Spain

I know that Friedman’s views aren’t universally popular in this forum, but I particularly enjoyed this op-ed from today’s NYTimes.

2 thoughts on “Friedman v. Spain

  1. I actually like some of what Friedman has to say. He has been as hard on the Arab world as he has on Israel (in some cases). He is also one of the few journalists out there who does not lump all Muslims in the same category. He makes everyone who reads him mad at some point. That is indeed the mark of a good journalist.

  2. i have to say i agree with the ‘dog. friedman was one of the first of the major press people to laugh at the connection between al-qaeda and iran. he correctly pointed out that aq don’t see the shi’ah as human, let alone muslim; and it wasn’t only rhetoric, but that they carried out a genocidal attack against the shi’ah at mazar-i sharif. he also laughed at the idea that two sworn enemies, bin laden and hussein, would work together. bin laden is an record as wanting to kill hussein. however, i actually think this piece is one of his not so good ones as he makes to many generalizations.

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