Is everything Islamic correct? Do you always believe that the Mullahs, Sheikhs and Imams have a “pure” agenda when they teach the various interpretations of Islam. This article from the NYT’s Magazine provides a view into the transformation of Salafi Imam –> from a conservative, fire-bombing, radical Islamist to a liberal thinker. There is still hope.

Here is a small passage:

For all the thousands of children who have memorized the holy book at Koranic schools, it can make for a wonderful companion to carry through life. But it’s also a dangerous tool. The emotional power of those divine lyrics, the soaring language chanted in half tones and minor-key strains can be overwhelming. As one of the younger generation of princes desperate for reform told me, ”Without the proper guidance it can get out of control.” And what if you deliberately do not teach a child critical thinking, if you stress only the verses of rage, threats of damnation and the awe that compels men to kill the infidels? ”Who is guilty, the son who stabs his neighbor?” Mansour asked. ”Or the father who everyday told the son that his neighbor is a devil with no human values, that he must be killed?”