Have Muslims stopped looking for the ayats of Allah?

Holy Quran 24:46: “We have indeed sent down signs that make things manifest: and God guides whom He wills to a way that is straight – Laqad anzalna ayatin mubayyinatin waAllahu yahdee man yashao ila siratin mustaqeemin”

I have always wondered when and why Muslims stopped searching for the ayats of Allah. I know, I know, many turn to the Holy Quran as the ultimate sign of Allah. But in focussing exclusively on the “Book” and ignoring the rest of the world – I wonder if we have truly ignored the God’s calling to seek out his signs. This depressing article in the Chronicle of Higher Education outlines the current malaise in scientific research in the Arab World. But I think it equally applies to the Muslim World in general.

Just as Muslim children are encouraged to become Hafiz-e-Quran, why can’t we also encourage our children to be Hafiz -e – Physics, Biology, Chemistry etc?

One thought on “Have Muslims stopped looking for the ayats of Allah?

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