Muslim minority [edit]

Now that Gov. Howard Dean is no longer actively seeking the presidential nomination, I feel freer to post about him. The Boston Globe ran an op-ed analyzing his thoughts about race. Please take a moment and read it; however, every time you see “black” or “African-American,” insert “Muslim” and every time you see “white,” insert “Christian.” It’s a great analysis, and very true applicable, including the Clinton section, to the situation of Muslims in US.

My one thought on it is, if he did have a Muslim room mate, and this individual became head of a Muslim group, would the challenge to Dean’s own self have resulted in such a positive reaction? Not because of his biases, but because of our own?

[I can’t believe I used the adjective “very” before true. Is it true or isn’t it? I know ‘blogs are supposed to be relaxed, but that’s just wrong.]