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Muslims Serving in the Military

Andrew Sullivan offers us observations from a reader. the rollover of the HUMMV which caused the death of the driver. I was at the mortuary when the MEDEVAC helicopter brought this young man’s broken body in to be prepared for the journey home. The rest of his team were brought to Bagram as well. They were very adamant that they be the ones to escort the fallen brother to the C17. Although dirty and disheveled from their encounter, I agreed as I am certain their brother would have had it no other way. To a man, they wanted me to…

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Religious Common Cause

The New York Times has a good article on how Muslims in France are turning to Roman Catholics to fill the educational needs of girls, who are prohibited from entering the public school system if they wear a head scarf. Here is a quote from an employee at a Catholic school explaining that Roman Catholics are more tolerant than secularists: Mr. Chamoux, a slow-moving, jovial man, has been here 20 years and seems to know each student by name. Under a crucifix in his cramped office, he extolled the virtues of Catholic schools. “We practice religious freedom; the public schools…

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