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Flight 297

Unfortunately, it’s not a sequel to the great track Flight IC 408 by State of Bengal. It’s a horrid fantasy by a testosterone challenged man who wants everyone to think he has no fear. What his adolescent daydream reveals is quite the opposite: he is a coward who wants to be a hero. To quote Atrios: “The stupid, it burns.”

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Mr. Moo Publishes a Manifesto

A mighty manifesto it is. Woe to those who disagree. Woe to those who agree. Woe to anyone. Woe is me. Woah is what you tell a horse. “Woh” is “that” in Hindi and Urdu. Whoah is an exclamation of surprise or pleasure. But I digress, and that is un-Islamic. So says the talking Manifesto. It is far better to regress. [Like the manifesto, this is humor.]

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