Being the First: Reinventing Superheroes | Barnard College

Being the First: Reinventing Superheroes | Barnard College.

Someone has to do it first. But what does it take? Being the First showcases trailblazers, pioneers, and those who were “the first” in their field. Taking a look at the journey it took to get there, these candid discussions aim to break down stereotypes and explore strategies to accomplish personal, professional, and societal goals. 

Sana Amanat ’04, director of content and character development at Marvel Comics, created the first Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan, with her own comic book series, Ms. Marvel. Amanat spoke with Hussein Rashid, adjunct faculty in the Department of Religion, about the lasting friendships she made at Barnard, her journey to becoming a comic book editor, and superhero Kamala Khan’s universal identities. In addition to advice on seeking out a network of support during one’s college years