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Storify: Muslims4Marriage

This is a Storify I'm using for class, but it seems like an interesting conversation that I wish I had shared at the time.   [View the story "Reli77: Muslim4Marriage" on Storify] Reli77: Muslim4Marriage Storified by Hussein Rashid ยท Wed, Sep 05 2012 04:39:59 I'm not alone; there are lots of #Muslims who support #LGBTQ #MarriageEquality. RT w/ #Muslims4Marriage.Fatemeh Fakhraie the trends nationally of all religious communities are growing towards LGBT equality, check w/PRRI @islamoyankee @fatemehf @azizhp @markosJoseph Ward III @peoplegogy That is powerful stuff. Without the repealing of miscegenation laws, I wouldn't exist!! Equal rights for all! :DFatemeh Fakhraie…

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