The Princess and the Commoner « alBostoni

The Princess and the Commoner « alBostoni.

An Andalusian Princess in her Cordovan castle was told that a commoner was at the gates. “The same one your majesty, whom you never let in.” A mistress feeling pity for him pleaded that he be granted entrance, to which the princess replied: “There are people who come to be in my presence. There are those who come seeking sustenance. And there are those whom I must admit entrance, lest they feel abandoned and revolt against life and my family. But then there is this commoner who is perplexing.  He comes neither for me nor for sustenance, and he is as harmless as this silk gown of my tender nude body. Rather, it is the shining armor of my guards that he is after. Nowhere else can he find such convex mirrors where he can see himself and the heavens all in one place. Let him stand there a foot away from his demise. It is his own presence that he seeks.”