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The Transcript of the 1-Hour Audio Seminar « The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media

The Transcript of the 1-Hour Audio Seminar « The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media. The following is the unedited and far from perfect transcript of The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media, the audio seminar this project is based on. It still needs some polishing, but for now, here it is.  A huge special thank you to Janelle Dumalaon for putting it together, and also to Aysha Khan for contributing. You may use the transcript partially or in its entirety provided you link back to this page or mention this project. Thank you.…

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Muslim Advocates: Stop Biased Law-Enforcement Training

57 Organizations Call on White House to Investigate Offensive FBI Trainings Today, Muslim Advocates, working in coalition with 56 Muslim, Arab, and South Asian organizations, requested that the White House create an interagency taskforce to investigate bigoted and offensive trainers and materials used in trainings for counterterrorism agents and law enforcement. Wired magazine first reported in July that the FBI was using materials that stated that Prophet Muhammad was a "cult leader," and that Islam is a religion that "transforms [a] country's culture into 7th-century Arabian ways." Recently disclosed materials show that these grossly inaccurate and inflammatory training materials extend…

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Eva Khurshid: The Forever Bedouin Collection by Eva Khurshid — Kickstarter

I love the team behind this company. They are a great group and deserve some support. Eva Khurshid: The Forever Bedouin Collection by Eva Khurshid — Kickstarter. We have just finished our spring collection and we are anxious to get it in market!   Our Spring Collection: The Forever Bedouin concept is inspired by the ever evolving style of strong, confident women. Day to day and at different stages of life, these women know who they are, but that identity is never static. They are Forever Bedouin.

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L.I.-Bred Muslim Convert Challenges Stereotypes –

L.I.-Bred Muslim Convert Challenges Stereotypes – Peter Casey, or AbdulMalik as he is known online, often rides a skateboard to the mosque and rarely thinks twice about performing his prostrations at a Starbucks. Mr. Casey, a 23-year-old recent Queens College graduate, does not do it out of a rebellious impulse to defy Muslim orthodoxy. Rather, he says he seeks to “challenge stereotypes and misconceptions” others have about his faith.  As a convert to Islam with a suburban upbringing and a Judeo-Christian background, Mr. Casey is in a rare position to do so. His boyish looks, clear blue eyes and…

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The Qur’an and Mysticism: A Review of Craig Thompson’s “Habibi”

The Qur'an and Mysticism: A Review of Craig Thompson's "Habibi". It is this esoteric use of language to reveal hidden truths that has captured Craig Thompson's imagination in his long-awaited graphic novel, Habibi. An ambitious, surreal tale of the love between a young Arab girl sold into marriage and the orphan boy she adopts, Habibi spans multiple eras of conflict and change, stretching the lifetimes of its two protagonists over many centuries. The Qur'an is central to Thompson's narrative, though oddly enough the religion of Islam is not.  Instead of retreading the usual unpleasant arguments over Islamic law, Thompson ventures…

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