Rick Perry: The pro-Shariah candidate? – War Room – Salon.com

Not really related to Shari’ah at all, but a good article. In the interests of transparency, I was briefly involved with the Texas curriculum project.

Rick Perry: The pro-Shariah candidate? – War Room – Salon.com.

Perry is a friend of the Aga Khan, the religious leader of the Ismailis, a sect of Shia Islam that claims a reported 15 to 20 million adherents worldwide. Sprouting from that friendship are at least two cooperation agreements between the state of Texas and Ismaili institutions, including a far-reaching program to educate Texas schoolchildren about Islam. That’s a partnership that has already prompted a bit of grumbling in far-right corners of the blogosphere and could conceivably become a primary issue if, as expected, Perry enters the presidential race.