Eboo Patel in the News @eboopatel

My buddy Eboo Patel had several profiles done on him for his outstanding work in Interfaith community building. It’s a credit to him, his amazing staff, and the vision they are creating.

An Effort to Foster Tolerance in Religion

For a guy who is only 35 and lives in a walk-up apartment, Eboo Patel has already racked up some impressive accomplishments.

A Rhodes scholar with a doctorate in the sociology of religion from Oxford University, he has four honorary degrees. His autobiography is required freshman reading on 11 college campuses. He runs a nonprofit organization — the Interfaith Youth Core — with 31 employees and a budget of $4 million. And he was tapped by the White House as a key architect of an initiative announced in April by President Obama.

Two Minutes Of Wisdom With Eboo Patel (VIDEO)

Eboo Patel is a man on a mission—a really big mission (PDF)