ANIKAI DANCE INDIA TOUR 2011 by Wendy Jehlen — Kickstarter

I don’t normally post Kickstarter appeals, but Wendy is a dear friend, and I am a huge fan of He Who Burns.

ANIKAI DANCE INDIA TOUR 2011 by Wendy Jehlen — Kickstarter.

ANIKAI Dance Company is embarking on the MOST EXTENSIVE TOUR OF INDIA by a US dance company since 1926 when Ruth St. Denis took her Denishawn Dancers. For the people of India to see physically strong, powerful women (and one man!) take the stage and perform viscerally charged, athletic choreography will be a cultural ground-breaking of enormous proportion. ANIKAI has been invited to tour seven cities across India from January 10th through February 20th, 2011. We will be performing in Delhi, Chennai, Ranchi, Trissur, Pondicherry, Hyderabad and Bangalore.