The Hijab Alternative | KABOBfest

The Hijab Alternative | KABOBfest.

Perhaps, instead of covering every part of a woman’s body less her eyes, it would be more effective to just cover the man’s eyes. That would really solve the problem once and for all. Chastise the man who removes his blindfold in public, then no woman would ever be called a disobedient whore for stepping a foot outside her house. Here is a novel idea: How about the ultra-religious start teaching their kids that it is not OK to be publicly perverted, instead of teaching them that women who walk around without a head cover are sinful whores? For a sexually-deprived man, no amount of covers and cloaks could impede his “urges.” It’s not that the Chinese man has no urges. The difference is that when he was a kid, he was taught some manners!