NYC Play: No Place Called Home – This isn’t Supposed to be a Love Story

In the fall of 2009, Intersections International led a delegation of 8 American artists from many different disciplines on a 3-week immersion trip though Jordan, Lebanon and Syria at part of the Iraqi Voices Amplification Project (IVAP). Our goal is to use the power of the arts to call attention to one of the most pressing and under-reported social justice issues of our time: the displacement of more than 4 million Iraqis as a result of the military intervention in Iraq.

While on the trip, the delegation entered into conversations with hundreds of refugees at community centers and in their homes. Upon their return, the artists began creating a series of artistic pieces designed to humanize the crisis and give voice to the millions of refugees whose plight has yet to enter broad public consciousness. No Place Called Home is one such piece.

No Place Called Home, a multi-media play with music, tracks one woman’s story as she travels to the Middle East to interview Iraqi refugees and accidentally falls in love with one of them. This is an unexpected story–a story of an American woman and an Iraqi man, a story about one refugee and 4 million, a story that wasn’t supposed to be a love story.  


From Iraqi Voice Amplification Project