Press Release: A Dutch Appeal to All New Yorkers

This comes via a friend, and I thought the sentiment was quite nice. Please click on the PDF links. The images are funny.

Thursday, September 9th


REAL World Citizens

A Dutch appeal to all New Yorkers to keep leading by example as the World’s center of diversity.

In May 2010 a new initiative, REAL Dutch, was launched in anticipation of the controversial participation of Geert Wilder’s right-wing PVV party in parliamentary elections. A series of posters was spread on the streets and in the media to show how muslimas are just as much Dutch as any other citizen, contrary to the image Geert Wilders tried to portray. Examples are a muslima wearing a Delftware headscarf taking a bite at the traditional Dutch raw herring and a blond muslima having her cup of tea at a mosque.

The United States and especially New York have always been an inspiration to us. The city leads by example in how a wide range of people with different ethnic origins can live together in peace and harmony. With much regret we now closely follow the controversy surrounding the new Islamic Center close to Ground Zero. It’s painful to see how the global climate of negativity and distrust hasn’t improved in the past 9 years. The public sphere and perception are heavily influenced by mutual fear and distrust. In this environment Geert Wilders will give a speech at a SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) demonstration next September 11th.

Amsterdam – A fifth of the World’s population is about to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Fraternization and compassion are the essence of this celebration. Moments of joy and gratitude are shared, irrespective of ethnicity or religion.

The Dutch Muslim Women’s Organization Al Nisa represents self aware muslimas in the Netherlands. The organization focuses on improving the visibility of these women by increasing their capabilities and offering them a stage. Since its foundation in 1982 it has been actively encouraging the dialogue between different groups in the Dutch society. An example is the “Initiative for Peace and Dialogue” launched after 9/11.

To prevent a biased and partial image of the Netherlands, we want to emphasize the message of the majority of the Dutch with our posters. The message that Muslims are REAL Dutch and yes, REAL Americans.

More Information:
Dutch Muslim Women’s Organization Al Nisa
Leyla Çakir, Chairman

Tel.: +31 6 26232988/ +31 6 55598352



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